PlayVested Links Mobile Games To Charities

Mobile gamers and developers alike are becoming more socially conscious and want to give back to their communities, but it can be difficult to even know where to start.  PlayVested is a service that makes it easy and fun for both developers and players to give back.

PlayVested provides a selection of social causes and charities to support.  Each time a player makes an in-app purchase (IAP), a portion of that purchase goes towards a charity. Players can customize how their contributions are allocated, set personal giving goals, or collaborate and compete within their social networks to generate larger donations.

PlayVested provides Charities with additional exposure and access to a new market of online donors at no cost.

Together we can make “Gaming for Good” a reality.

Introduction to PlayVested video. Click to play

PlayVested Features & Benefits

  • Offers Charities access to a new market of donors

  • Makes it easy for mobile gamers to support causes through a hobby they already know and love

  • Connects Charities with donors who have personally selected them

  • Provides Charities with increased awareness and visibility at no cost

  • Makes “Gaming for Good” a reality





PlayVested Team

  • Eric Arnold – 18+ years professional programming experience; seasoned Technical Director for senior engineering teams

  • Matt Madigan - MBA with 17+ years in finance and operations; Finance experience in small business and publicly traded companies

  • Greg Donovan (Advisor) – 20+ years Software Producer and Project Manager experience; Manages teams of 150+ for AAA projects

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